American Society for Ethnohistory

Registration for the 2017 Annual Meeting Winnipeg Manitoba October 12-14 Reminder: All participants must be current in their society membership and have a valid passport for travel to Winnipeg. 

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Membership Reminders

All participants must be members in good standing.

Benefits of Membership:

One-year print subscription to Ethnohistory (four issues).

Free access to Ethnohistory at

RSS feeds and table-of-content alerting for Ethnohistory.

The opportunity to present a paper or serve as chair or discussant for conference sessions.

Participation in an invaluable forum for scholars, ethnographers, anthropologists, archaeologists, and historians dedicated to the study of cultures and societies throughout the world.

Attend the annual meetings in select locations across North America. 

The meetings have a reputation for allowing time for the discussion of your own and related research, as well as for providing a congenial setting in which to meet both new scholars and leading international figures whose research is on the history of indigenous people, in America and elsewhere.

Membership Rates:

25 USD/Year for Students (A photocopy of student ID Must be faxed to Duke University Press: (919)688-2615).

60 USD/Year for Individuals.

700 USD for Life Time Membership